Focus is an easy thing to lose. Being a photographer, I have a passionate understanding of the relationship between focus and a subject. The slightest jolt or movement can take your subject from being perfectly focus to a blurry mess.

My relationship with God isn’t unlike this at all. There are days, weeks, or even months where my focus is on Christ and everything else is blurry. My focus is on the object of my affection, and it is a glorious and beautiful thing!

What causes my lens to go out of focus when it comes to God?
God doesn’t change. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8) Therefore it is NOT God who is moving out of focus, it is myself.

Consider the following things that cause cameras to lose focus:

  1. Bumps

    I just got back from Washington, DC. It was beautiful! It was also quite possible the largest tourist attraction I  have ever been to. I love taking photos on trips. So I would be snapping away. I walked to the Lincoln Memorial and was in awe of how massive it was. Naturally I wanted to take a photo, but found this to be difficult because of all the people who were surrounding me. Imagine setting up your best shot then *bump* someone hits your arm mid snap…ok…lets try this again *bump* mid snap again. Not only do you lose focus off the subject, you end up with a useless image.

    • Bumps are often unexpected
    • Bumps are unintentionally harmful
    • Bumps can make a beautiful picture useless
    • In my relationship with Jesus, bumps get in the way A LOT. Financial bumps, relational bumps, and even emotional bumps. They seem to be a tactic the enemy uses to his advantage greatly.
    • Father, purge my life of the bumps that distract my field of vision from you. May you stand in my place and take the bumps for me, for you are a loving Father who cares for us.
  2. Shallow Depth of Field
Depth of Field Example
  • Depth of field is defined as the zone of acceptable sharpness within a photo that will appear in focus. The wonderful thing about D.O.F. is the ability to blur out everything except for the finest details of your subject. No matter how busy or ugly your background is, you have the ability to focus solely on the object you’re shooting.
  • D.O.F. is tricky. Once you have your camera is set to snap a photo that is shallow, you can not move or your subject will once again be out of focus. It’s easy to rock forward or backwards after establishing your shot which causes you to come out with a blurry image.
  • I find that there are times when I am solely focused on Christ and all else is blurry but then I waver. I rock back and forth and He falls out of my field of view. It becomes increasingly difficult to “refocus” back onto him after this, and often something else falls into my field of view.
  • Father, May you be the sole object of my affections. May you be the one I have my D.O.F. set to. When I waver, may your gentle guidance and unwavering hand guide me back to where you desire me to be. Thank you for being constant.

3. Distractions

  • Occasionally people or objects will walk into your field of view. this causes you to stop looking at your subject all together until they move out of the way
    • For myself, this is incredibly common. Something seems out of control. Something or someone stands in the view of God blocking my focus and attention. And commonly I lose it. I emotionally bottom out  and forget that He is in control.



When something unpredictable happens in my life, please remind me that you are all knowing and control the future. You, Father, are the creator of the future, therefore you know what it holds. Allow me to follow the words of Christ and be anxious only for today. Father, may my spiritual field of vision be ever set on you. Allow the distractions to fade away and let your glorious light shine above all else. Give me the strength to relentlessly pursue you. If i lose focus, give me the clarity to re-focus and set my desires and devotion on you.

Your Servant,


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