Handyman Special

handyman special

I dabble in carpentry.
Sometimes I end up with a sturdy, beautiful, new piece of furniture.
Sometimes I end up with a pile of chopped up wood.
But I digress!

In carpentry and most other “maker” activities, there is an end vision for your product. You are taking a stack of wood, a canvas/paint, clay, scrap metal, glass, or whatever and turning it into something useful and beautiful for others to enjoy and use.

When you look at a half finished project you get one of two senses:
1. This is incredible! I can’t wait for my finished product!
2. This is CRAP! I measured wrong, nothing is square, I hate it!

How does this relate to despondency?

In the middle of a trial it’s easy to look back and say one of the two things listed above.
I’m reading a great book with a friend right now called “How People Change” (Highest recommendation) In the third chapter the author has a section entitled “Seeing with the Eyes of Christ”. It’s a story about a house labeled as a handyman special. One potential buyer may see this house and become overwhelmed by what it would take to restore the house. He drives away sad. Too much work, not enough hope.
Another buyer sees the same house and with great excitement he looks AHEAD to what it will be when it is fully restored.
Did both buyers look at the same house?
But only one buyer has the courage to believe he can do what is necessary to make it a new reality.

Do I possess the courage to look in the middle of my wrecked up life knowing that Jesus is going to make all things new? Knowing that HE doesn’t start something without bringing it to completion? (Philippians 1:6) Having abundant faith knowing that HE is the Good Shepherd that cares for the one lost sheep enough to pursue him? (Luke 15)
Or do I become a coward and wallow in self pity, not relying on the Future Grace that God is so ready to give?

Our lives are “handyman specials.” And Jesus is a Carpenter ready to repair us. He see’s the future joy of a job well done. He doesn’t see the mess, but rather the NEW CREATION that is hidden on high!

Have confidence.
Look at yourself through the eyes of Christ.
Fight Despondency.
You are new.
You are forgiven.
There is present grace
He sees the final product and it brings Him great Joy.
He is making you new.


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