Finding Our Hope

The Lord has been so incredibly kind in giving me a new heart and new words to preach the truth back to myself in hopes others will benefit. As the new year progresses and as I grow in Him there has been a shift in focus.

When I started this blog a few years ago, it was to fight despondency in my life. As the Lord continues to refine me the message has changed.

With that said I want to introduce a new blog!

Finding Our Hope  exist with the same purpose and mission as Fighting Despondency. You’ll find all of my old blog posts transferred over to the new site.

My prayer is that the name will better reflect the mission and purpose, which is to preach the truth of God and his promised future. and to EQUIP, INSPIRE, AND EDUCATE followers of Jesus in a way that benefits spiritual growth and solidifies the Christian Worldview through a message of HOPE.

I want to invite you to follow my new blog Finding Our Hope.

(it’s as easy as clicking the link and hitting follow button on the right)

Hope is the anthem. I pray you’ll join me in that song.


Matt Stephens


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