13346180_10209582019215991_8675059384783608450_oMy name is Matt Stephens. I’m an upper twenty-something producer from the beautiful city of Greenville, SC. I’m an avid reader, coffee connoisseur, taco expert, and Son of the King. In a time when I was running hard from God, His mercy and grace encountered me in an indescribable way. And now I’ve tasted His grace and I will never be the same again. It both satisfied my soul and made me thirsty for more.

Everything I write about is to speak the truth of Christ back into my own heart in hope that others will benefit (so if you are encouraged or benefited please shoot me an email!)

If you ever want to chat about my writings, collaborate, or just catch up over a cuppa coffee, shoot me an email below. I would love to hear your story of God’s love and mercy.

Why I Write:

Fighting Despondency exist to preach the truth of God and his promised future.

The root of this clings upon the biblical truth of Romans 11:36
“From Him, to Him, and through Him are all things.”
Because of this we believe that there is ALWAYS a bigger picture taking place, even in the face of suffering.

The mission is to EQUIP, INSPIRE, AND EDUCATE followers of Jesus in a way that benefits spiritual growth and solidifies the Christian Worldview through a message of HOPE.

The battle cry of Fighting Despondency is “Hope in a fallen world.”
And we believe that all hope is found in Jesus Christ.

My prayer is that as you read these various blog entries, you will see a common string of hope through difficulty and suffering. Whether the blog be about anxiety, depression, relationships, or brokenness, my prayer is that you will see that ultimate hope is found and fulfilled in the work of Jesus Christ.



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